FedEx Driver Says Someone Called Him N***er and Spit on Him

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Brandon Brackins/Facebook

This FedEx driver wants you to know what it’s like to be black in America — and the horrific treatment he got while simply doing his job, brought him to tears.

The driver is 23-year-old Brandon Brackins, and he says while making deliveries this week in rural Ohio, some « hick » sped around him as he was taking packages out of his truck. He says the person nearly hit him, yelled « n***er » at him … and spit on him.

The absolutely dehumanizing experience left Brandon sobbing, and he immediately went live on Facebook to recount it. He wondered out loud, « What the f**k is the point of all of this protest s**t if it don’t work?! »

He added, « Racism is alive. If any of you ever had to go through that s**t firsthand » … before trailing off.

His whole testimonial is incredibly powerful, as is the point he’s making here. If the country is really serious about finally tackling racism … then it needs to know what it’s like to live with it daily.

In other words: Take a hard look in the mirror, America.

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