Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Season 2 Review: More Musical Magic

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Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts should honestly be on the Top 10 TV Shows on Netflix every day, but especially this weekend. Season 2 of Radford Sechrist and Bill Wolkoff‘s excellent animated series from Dreamworks Animation just arrived on the streaming service yesterday with a batch of 10 all-new episodes. They continue the story of the title character and her bigger-than-life friends in a colorful, magical, and musical post-apocalyptic world. I already sang the praises of Kipo Season 2 in my written review for Collider, but we dig into it a little bit more in our latest video review here.

Following the Season 1 finale, all is not well on the surface. With the burrow people under Scarlemagne’s mind control and her father his prisoner, Kipo must quickly learn to master her newly-discovered mute abilities in order to save them. As she and her friends split up on a dangerous rescue mission, Kipo’s journey of self-discovery unearths mysteries of the past that change everything she thought she knew. See how it all plays out on Netflix now!


Image via Netflix

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