Secret Service Dropping Over $30k on Hand Sanitizer for Conventions


If there’s another hand sanitizer shortage amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the federal government might be partly to blame … because it bought a bundle to keep everyone at the upcoming political conventions germ-free.

According to financial docs — obtained by TMZ — the feds spent $32,353 on 400 cartons of hand sanitizer and 100 dispensers to cover the Democratic and Republican National Conventions … which are scheduled for August.

The cost was filed under « National Interest Action – Covid-19 2020. »

As you know … both conventions were pushed from mid-summer to August over coronavirus concerns, and as of now, the Dems are still debating going virtual for theirs, but it’s still possible it will be held in Milwaukee.

The GOP, on the other hand, is full steam ahead with its convention, which will go down in a newly-announced location — Jacksonville.

It’s interesting … the Secret Service spent $7.2 million to secure the perimeter of President Trump‘s convention … nearly double the $3.7 mil spent on security for Joe Biden‘s party.

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