The 9 Best New Shows on Netflix in June 2020


Summer movie season may be temporarily on pause, but you better believe Netflix has plenty of new shows to binge-watch this month if you’re in need of some new entertainment. And as usual, they’re hitting all four-quadrants, which means no matter what you’re looking for, you’re probably gonna find something to add to the watchlist.

If you’re in the mood to revisit one of the best and boldest cable dramas of the last decade, all three seasons of Hannibal are now available to make you high-key suspicious of any and all meat (but especially the fancy gourmet stuff). If you want something for the whole family, you’re probably gonna want to stay far away from the esquisitely-dressed cannibal, but Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts has you covered. For feel-good content, there’s new Queer Eye and . If you’re more into binge-worthy dramas, June brings new seasons of  and The Politicians.

Check out the details on those and the rest of our picks for the best new shows on Netflix this month below. For more, you can see all the new movies and TV shows on Netflix in June 2020 right here and our complete rundown of the best shows and original series on Netflix here.

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