Wonder Woman 1984 Release Date Pushed to October


In a flurry of postponement announcements, Warner Bros. revealed that its upcoming superhero sequel 1984 is getting pushed back once again, this time from August to October 2. The movie was originally supposed to be released this June, but then the entire world caught on fire with a global pandemic, which is generally not a great time to go to the theater.

The news was announced in a tweet from the official Wonder Woman 1984 Twitter account, which was quickly deleted because the theater marquees in the accompanying pictures showed the wrong release date. The tweet was then reposted, with the correct new release date of October 2, 2020 elegantly photoshopped in place. None of that information was vital to this story, but I wanted you all to know it anyway.

Wonder Woman 1984 isn’t the first major release to get bumped off the calendar. The new flick No Time to Die was moved from April to November of this year, and Fast and Furious 9 was pushed from this May all the way to April of 2021. Pretty much every blockbuster planned for the summer months has been kicked to the fall and winter, with a few (like F9) just taking a mulligan on 2020 entirely. On the bright side, if Wonder Woman 1984 makes its new October release date without further delays, we’ll get to enjoy an entire month of Pedro Pascal, as Season 2 of is set to premiere on Disney+ that same month. Warner Bros. is still holding out hope that movie theaters will reopen in July, with Christopher Nolan’s Tenet still on the docket albeit now a few weeks later than initially planned.

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