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It’s a hard time to sell cosmetically different phones that are merely flagship devices, plus three months and a new colorway. But if anyone can do it, it’s K-pop princes BTS.

Yep, they’re teaming up with Samsung to launch a special edition Galaxy S20+ and a pair of companion Galaxy Buds+ featuring the band’s logo and the purple hearts design that BTS is known for using. The phone is purple — real purple — and ships pre-installed with BTS-inspired themes and K-pop fan community platform, Weverse. Plus, fans are getting decorative stickers and photo cards of BTS members as a nice bonus.

Galaxy buds


I might not be a member of The Army, but these purple-hued Galaxy Buds are, I’ll admit, my kind of thing.


Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 updates come with nasty printer bugs

It’s making certain printers unable to print.

The latest updates for Windows 10 give the platform’s security a boost, but they unfortunately come with nasty bugs that make printing impossible. Microsoft released the buggy updates — KB4560960 and KB4557957 — on June 9th, and users started experiencing issues as soon as they installed them. User reports online show that the issue affects various HP, Canon, Panasonic, Brother and Ricoh printer models. Some users even reported being unable to print files as PDFs.

Microsoft has published a notice acknowledging that update KB4557957 may render certain printers unable to print. The tech giant warns users that the “[p]rint spooler may error or close unexpectedly when attempting to print and no output will come from the affected printer.” 

The company is still working on a fix and promises to provide more information when it rolls one out. For now, affected users will have to replace their printer’s driver or uninstall Windows 10’s June updates. Continue reading.

The ‘Resident Evil’ series has sold over 100 million copies

How many Jill sandwiches is that?

Resident Evil


Capcom has sold over 100 million copies of Resident Evil games since the franchise launched its schlocky version of horror in 1996. It didn’t break down the sales by series but noted that RE7 by itself sold 7.5 million units. The Resident Evil 3 remake sold 2 million copies in its first five days. Capcom didn’t note any sales figures for the more obscure spin-offs and online titles. (What about Code: Veronica?)

The franchise hasn’t been in a stronger place. Off the back of the RE2 and RE3 remakes, it just announced Resident Evil: Village, which continues the story from the seventh entry. Zombies are still popular. Continue reading.

SpaceX has a month to prove Starlink is worthy of rural broadband funding

It believes it can easily beat the 100-millisecond funding cutoff.



The FCC said it has “serious doubts” that SpaceX will be able to deliver internet service from its satellite network with latency under 100 milliseconds (via Ars Technica). That would not only be bad for users, but means that SpaceX could be at a disadvantage in an auction to distribute $16 billion in federal funds to support rural broadband access.

The FCC admitted that Starlink and other LEO (low-Earth orbit) providers have advantages over geostationary satellites that operate at much higher altitudes. However, it’s skeptical that orbital altitude alone can determine latency, saying “processing, routing and transporting traffic to its destination” can also affect it.


SpaceX argued that the FCC’s doubts are unfounded and that Starlink will “easily clear the commission’s 100-millisecond threshold for low-latency services, even including its “processing time” during unrealistic worst-case scenarios. The company currently has 480 satellites but no consumer services, and it has exactly a month to submit an application for the auction. Continue reading.

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