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Epilogue, 3rd compiled volume of Hina Change debut in July

Shueisha published the final chapters of Gaku Kajikawa’s Hina Change and Maya Takamura’s The Sign of Abyss (Yoru no Kagi) manga in Japanese on its Shonen Jump+ service on Friday and simultaneously in English on its MANGA Plus service on Thursday. Hina Change ended with its 23rd chapter, and an epilogue chapter will debut on July 2 simultaneously with the release of the series’ third volume in Japan. The Sign of Abyss ended with its 47th chapter.

Hina Change launched on Shonen Jump+ in Japanese in June 2019, and MANGA Plus started serializing the manga in English the same month. The manga’s second compiled book volume shipped on February 4, and the third compiled volume will ship on July 3.

MANGA Plus describes the series:

Two childhood friends, Hina and Ren, shared a magic that could « swap minds. » But one fateful day in high school, Ren impulsively uses Hina’s body to approach the one he loves! A story of broken taboos and secret love.

The manga debuted in Japanese on Shonen Jump+ in February 2018. MANGA Plus published the first 33 chapters of The Sign of Abyss at the services’s launch on January 20. The series’ fourth volume shipped on March 4.

MANGA Plus describes the series:

Humans are born with « signs » that grant them access to the magic that flows throughout the world. When a young prince uses his sign to massacre an entire city, how will he ever find redemption? His is the story that begins from the deepest despair.

Shueisha launched the MANGA Plus app in English on January 20 worldwide, except in Japan, China, and South Korea. (These countries already have their own services.) The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Sources: Shonen Jump+’s website, MANGA Plus’ website via MANGAPlus’ fan account

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