Maskless woman coughs on customer at NYC bagel shop amid ongoing Covid-19 crisis

The maskless woman was filmed coughing on a customer at a bagel shop in Queens. (PIcture: Facebook)

A woman without a facemask was filmed purposely coughing on a customer during an argument at a New York City bagel shop.

The disgusting incident was caught on cellphone video and uploaded to Facebook by the customer who was coughed on, Allison Goodbaum.

Goodbaum said she was at the New York City Bagel and Coffee House in Queens on June 6 when she noticed the woman was not wearing a mask and coughing without covering her mouth.

‘I politely pointed this out to the woman working at the store,’ Goodbaum wrote on the post, adding that she told the employee to enforce the chain’s policy to wear a mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

‘The unmasked patron overheard my complaint and became enraged yelling at me calle me names claiming she has covid antibodies and doesn’t need to wear a mask in public so I should mind my own F*ing business,’ Goodbaum wrote.

‘She then proceeded to come towards me and repeatedly cough on me as seen in the video.

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The maskless woman has since been identified as Lauren Balsamo by her employer, Weill Cornell Medicine Graduate School of Medical Sciences, which said Balsamo has not worked there since January, according to NBC.

New York City Bagel and Coffee House released a statement after the incident, writing, ‘The behavior of the woman is unacceptable in our establishment. Customers and employees MUST wear a mask in all our stores.’

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‘Our staff was caught off guard. Most of our staff and the cashier who was working that day are high school students who were frightened from the behavior of this woman. We told our staff to NEVER serve anyone without a mask or face covering.

‘We called authorities and no one came to the scene. There is no excuse for this behavior and this woman is banned from all NYCBCH locations…We apologize for the horrific behavior of this woman.’

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