NYC ‘Karen’ who called cops on black birdwatcher ‘tried to have doorman fired’

Amy Cooper, a woman who sparked outrage after a widely-shared video showed her calling police on a black man in The Ramble in New York City’s Central Park, reportedly tried to have her doorman fired before the incident. (PIcture: Twitter)

A white woman branded the Central Park ‘Karen’ for calling police on a black birdwatcher previously tried to have her doorman fired, according to a new report.

Amy Cooper’s neighbor, Allison Faircloth, told The New York Times that she found Cooper ‘on the verge of tears’ after an apparent confrontation with the doorman at her Upper West Side apartment building last winter.

Faircloth reportedly said Cooper told her the doorman cursed at her for no reason and she vowed to have him fired.

However, when Faircloth asked the doorman for his version of events, he said Cooper complained about a malfunctioning elevator, then tried to force her way into a security booth, according the The Times.

Cooper ultimately had to be removed by a security guard, Faircloth said, and the alleged incident paints a picture of Cooper’s previous behavior before she incited international outrage after she was caught on camera calling 911 on birdwatcher Christian Cooper in the Central Park Ramble. Amy Cooper’s 911 call appeared to be retaliation after Christian Cooper asked her to leash her dog, which is required by law in the park.

‘I’m going to tell them there’s an African American man threatening my life,’ Amy told Christian Cooper during the video of the altercation – which led to an investigation from by the city Human Rights Commission and the enactment of a new law that makes it a crime to falsely call 911 on a minority.

Before her encounter in the park, Amy Cooper was reportedly ‘combative’ with other dog walkers in her neighborhood, as well as with staff at her building, according to The Times.

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‘There was a sense of entitlement,’ Marisol De Leon told the outlet, adding that she often saw Cooper walking her dog, Henry, without a leash. De Leon said that Cooper would often get angry when people told her to leash her pet.

Cooper had her dog taken away by authorities after she appeared to strangle him in the Central Park, but he has since been returned to her.

She was also fired from her job at the investment firm, Franklin Templeton, which tweeted: ‘We do not tolerate racism of any kind at Franklin Templeton.’

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