The Best Movies To Rent Or Stream If You Like Ad Astra

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (Netflix)

The painful distance between Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) and his father, Dr. Henry Jones, Sr. (Sean Connery), is more metaphorical than the relationship between Roy McBride and his father, Clifford, in Ad Astra. Yet, it is equally relatable, especially when the famed archaeologist must track down his missing, estranged dad and learn to work out their differences while struggling to beat the Nazis in a quest for the Holy Grail. Now, despite the fact that the dysfunctional father-son theme is really the only thing that Ad Astra has in common with the wholly earthbound Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, that is not going to keep you from watching, will it?

Stream Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade on Netflix here
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