George Floyd Foundation Trademark in the Works


George Floyd‘s name seems to be heading toward foundation status — ’cause his family is already making moves to lock up the rights to something called just that … TMZ has learned.

George’s brother, Philonise Floyd, recently applied to trademark the phrase « The George Floyd Foundation » — and if he gets it, he’ll be able to use it to teach and advocate.

Philonise is looking to put « The George Floyd Foundation » on downloadable software for mobile phones that educate on police reform, downloadable media files featuring documentaries about George and other digital materials like DVDs, and audio and video files.

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He also wants to feature « The George Floyd Foundation » on a website dedicated to police reform, as well as downloadable documents and PDFs with information on the topic too.

But, there’s more — if Philonise gets this trademark, he’ll also be able to slap that phrasing on COVID-19 face coverings, sweatshirts and T-shirts, baseball caps … and even charitable fundraising events to support families who’ve fallen victim to police brutality.

Remembering George Floyd

Philonise also reveals in the application that he and the fam aim to conduct business seminars on social justice and police reform. So, yeah … it looks like they’re going for the works here in terms of starting a full-blown nonprofit for their deceased relative.

Considering how much change George Floyd’s death has spurred thus far, setting up a foundation for the guy certainly feels like a logical next step. Here’s hoping they get it.

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