Accueil International Australia v New Zealand: third women’s one-day international – live! | Sport

Australia v New Zealand: third women’s one-day international – live! | Sport

2.55am BST02:55

28th over: Australia 149-1 (Haynes 53, Sutherland 3) Mair and Kerr in tandem is New Zealand’s best bowling partnership; Mair’s control teamed with Kerr’s guile. After the former kept Sutherland honest the latter has come in and really made her earn her stay at the crease, landing a series of dipping spinning leggies that test the outside edge consistently. A rare maiden for the White Ferns.

2.52am BST02:52

27th over: Australia 149-1 (Haynes 53, Sutherland 3) The breakthrough brings Mair back into the attack and she is immediately back onto her probing line and length from earlier. Sutherland is unfazed though, putting bat to ball with confidence and shrugging off one that beats her outside edge.

2.49am BST02:49

26th over: Australia 146-1 (Haynes 53, Sutherland 0) That was an excellent innings from Healy. She was controlled early and then went through the gears as New Zealand erred. She’ll feel like she left a century out there though. Huge moment for Australia as Healy departs with 18-year-old Annabel Sutherland striding to the crease. In her debut series she has already opened the bowling, and now she’s the youngest first-drop since Meg Lanning.

Australian Women’s Cricket Team 🏏

What a moment for 18-year-old Annabel Sutherland! #AUSvNZ

October 7, 2020

at 2.52am BST

2.47am BST02:47

WICKET! Healy c Rowe b Kerr 87 (Australia 144-1)

Healy is in her element now, peppering the cow corner boundary regardless of who’s bowling. This time she chips Kerr with complete control to wide long-on. But then she perishes! Instead of hitting to leg she tries to clear long-off but fails to get enough on it and, incredibly, New Zealand hold onto a catch in the deep – Rowe completing the task. It’s no surprise Kerr makes the breakthrough.

A super knock comes to an end!

Live #AUSvNZ scores:

October 7, 2020

at 2.51am BST

2.44am BST02:44

25th over: Australia 138-0 (Haynes 50, Healy 82) Haynes tips and runs to pass 50 before Healy pulls out that lofted flicked drive through midwicket for four. Some inventiveness follows with an intentional edge through the vacant cordon for four more. Rowe didn’t do much wrong, but she does not have the weapons to contain Healy going through the gears. At the halfway mark in Australia’s innings they are on track for a massive total.


67 ball fifty for Rachael Haynes, her fifth 50+ score in her last six ODI innings.

Seven of Haynes’ fifteen scores of fifty or more in her ODI career have been made against New Zealand. #AUSvNZ

October 7, 2020

2.40am BST02:40

24th over: Australia 127-0 (Haynes 49, Healy 72) Kerr back on for the White Ferns, and not before time, she’s the only bowler to consistently ask questions of the Australian openers, and even if she goes for a few her team needs a breakthrough. And she earns it – and it’s dropped! Shocking miss from Mair coming in from the square-leg boundary, letting the ball through her hands and away for four. New Zealand have been abject in the field today. they really look tired of being on the receiving end of Australian run-making at the end of these back-to-back white ball series.


Another life for Alyssa Healy 😬 #AUSvNZ

October 7, 2020

2.36am BST02:36

23rd over: Australia 120-0 (Haynes 48, Healy 66) Hannah Rowe’s turn for a trundle and she keeps things pretty tight with her right-arm variations.


64* – Alyssa Healy is playing her best ever ODI innings for @AusWomenCricket against New Zealand, eclipsing her 62* against them in December 2012. Boom.

October 7, 2020

2.33am BST02:33

22nd over: Australia 117-0 (Haynes 48, Healy 64) Ominous signs for New Zealand now. Healy welcomes Jensen to the crease for her third over by lofting a length delivery effortlessly over midwicket for the day’s first six. That was scarily easy for the Aussie opener. She goes again two balls later without the same timing, but more than enough force to celebrate a boundary. Two balls after that she goes again – and this time it’s a thick edge that should be taken in the deep. But it isn’t. Awful from New Zealand, Kerr and Perkins failing to take responsibility at deep midwicket and allowing the ball to land between them. That’s at least four huge let-offs in the field for this Australian opening partnership.


63 ball fifty for Alyssa Healy.

This is Healy’s tenth 50+ score in ODIs since the start of 2018 and her first ODI half-century against New Zealand since Dec 2012.#AUSvNZ

October 7, 2020

at 2.33am BST

2.28am BST02:28

21st over: Australia 103-0 (Haynes 48, Healy 51) Green is probably fortunate her spell extends to a third over, and she continues to struggle with her line as Australia bring up the century partnership and Healy strolls past 50 with plenty left in the tank.


Hundred partnership for Healy & Haynes. This is their third century opening stand in their last five ODI innings.

Australia 100/0 (20.2)#AUSvNZ

October 7, 2020

at 2.28am BST

2.24am BST02:24

20th over: Australia 98-0 (Haynes 46, Healy 48) Sensing the game is drifting away from New Zealand, Jensen moves around the wicket to Haynes, and she begins by bowling short and wide without a fielder at third or a boundary rider near point. The outcome is inevitable. The rest of the over is better, but Australia are cruising.

2.22am BST02:22

19th over: Australia 94-0 (Haynes 42, Healy 48) More comfortable accumulation from Australia’s openers in what is a frankly ordinary over from Maddy Green. Singles surround the rankest of full tosses that Haynes slaps to the midwicket fence, before the over ends with Healy forcing a front foot drive between mid-off and extra cover. Australia starting to get away from New Zealand now.

2.18am BST02:18

18th over: Australia 83-0 (Haynes 36, Healy 43) After a quick drinks break Hayley Jensen is invited into the attack to bowl her skiddy right-arm medium-fast, but she struggles to nail her line to the right-hand left-hand combination and runs flow easily for both batters.

2.12am BST02:12

17th over: Australia 77-0 (Haynes 33, Healy 40) Interesting move from New Zealand with Kerr’s dangerous leggies replaced by Maddy Green’s right-arm finger spin. Green begins well, spinning the ball into Healy, then – like Kerr before her – is unfortunate to watch Haynes try to go downtown without any timing, lofting the ball between the two chasing fielders. To run salt into the wound there are overthrows, then Haynes sweeps the only loose delivery of the over for four. There is no justice for bowlers.

2.08am BST02:08

16th over: Australia 70-0 (Haynes 26, Healy 40) Devine beats Haynes’ outside edge with a slower ball during a much tighter over for NZ. The Australian captain has punished the bad ball today but she’s still a long way from fluent.

2.06am BST02:06

15th over: Australia 68-0 (Haynes 25, Healy 39) Kerr is going to be crucial. She has been the only bowler so far to consistently challenge Australia’s batters rather than simply try to contain them. And she’s unlucky not to bag Haynes this over when the Aussie opener goes aerially towards cow corner without timing the hit cleanly, but the ball lands short of the long-on fielder. Otherwise there’s plenty of shuffling and industry at the crease with singles worked to all angles.

2.02am BST02:02

14th over: Australia 63-0 (Haynes 23, Healy 36) Healy has had enough of respecting Devine after two tight overs from the Kiwi skipper. A forehand smash to a short ball only earns her a single, but after Haynes rotates the strike she clubs a four over mid-off then times a beautiful straight drive for back-to-back boundaries. Australia’s openers have bided their time this morning but their body language indicates they are ready to cut loose.

1.59am BST01:59

13th over: Australia 53-0 (Haynes 22, Healy 27) Glorious from Healy. She was already advancing down the pitch to Kerr but a loose delivery exaggerated what was a full toss out of the hand, allowing the batter to hammer the ball through the cover fielder for four. Otherwise there’s some interesting cat-and-mouse between Kerr and the Australians with both openers keen to get a move on.

1.56am BST01:56

12th over: Australia 48-0 (Haynes 22, Healy 22) Devine has bowled well all series and she’s continuing that form today. After starting her spell with a maiden she begins her second over with one that lifts off a length to make Healy flinch. Another dot follows, making it eight in a row for Devine, and Healy replies by swinging and missing outside off, frustration getting the better of her. She finally rotates strike the following delivery with Devine offering a smidgen of width. New Zealand’s disciplined bowling is keeping Australia in check so far.

1.52am BST01:52

11th over: Australia 47-0 (Haynes 22, Healy 21) Double change for the White Ferns with Amelia Kerr giving us our first look at spin for the day. After an opening wide loosener the right-arm legpsinner hits a good length and generates some turn back into the left-handed Hayens. She lands her googly nicely too and looks to be right on this morning – before sending down a long-hop that Haynes slaps disdainfully for four. The response is good though, beating the batter’s inside edge for a hearty LBW appeal, but it’s declined, presumably for not coming back enough. Interesting over.

1.49am BST01:49

10th over: Australia 42-0 (Haynes 18, Healy 21) Unsurprisingly there’s a bowling change for the White Ferns, and it’s Sophie Devine into the attack with her right-armers. She starts promisingly, hitting the deck hard and shaping the ball away from Healy with the Australian opener happy to play out a maiden with a series of controlled front foot pushes and drives into the offside.

1.45am BST01:45

9th over: Australia 42-0 (Haynes 18, Healy 21) More of the same from metronomic Mair. Nothing flash, just line and length, giving nothing away. She has 0/14 from her five overs.

1.42am BST01:42

8th over: Australia 40-0 (Haynes 17, Healy 20) Huddleston begins her fourth over poorly, dropping short and inviting Haynes to pull her behind square for four. As is so often the case, the bowler overcorrects, and Haynes holds her form superbly in the textbook cover-drive followthrough as the ball skips gleefully away to the extra cover boundary. And a carbon copy two balls later, following a wide, as Australia peel off 14 runs with the minimum of fuss. The newish white ball didn’t swing as much for Huddleston that over, which made her little more than a bowling machine for these batters on a surface like this.

1.37am BST01:37

7th over: Australia 26-0 (Haynes 4, Healy 20) More of the same from Mair, landing the ball consistently in top-of-off areas. She strays onto Healy’s pads briefly, but the error only concedes a couple of runs.

1.34am BST01:34

6th over: Australia 24-0 (Haynes 4, Healy 18) After that wayward opening over Huddleston has settled into a nice groove, shaping the ball away from the right-handed Healy on a decent line and length, even beating the bat on one occasion. She occasionally offers a touch of width but the field is well set and Australia’s opener is unable to time anything with force through the gap – until the final delivery when Healy muscles one through the overworked cover fielder and away to the fence. That was a good battle between bowler and batter.

1.29am BST01:29

5th over: Australia 19-0 (Haynes 3, Healy 14) Another probing over from Mair, continuing her excellent start, denying either batter width or length on an excellent surface for run-making.

1.25am BST01:25

4th over: Australia 17-0 (Haynes 2, Healy 13) Better from Huddleston, shaping the ball nicely back into the left-handed Haynes and forcing the Aussie skipper to dig out a testing couple of yorker-length deliveries. The line is then much tighter to Healy, who is respectful.

1.22am BST01:22

3rd over: Australia 16-0 (Haynes 2, Healy 13) Haynes takes a risky single from the first ball of the third over that would have seen her perish had Devine thrown down the stumps. Huge opportunity missed for the White Ferns with Devine only 10-15m away from the non-striker’s end at mid-off. Another excellent over thereafter from Mair, keeping a top-of-off line and length to Healy, until the final ball anyway, when she drops a fraction short and Healy is on it in a flash, whipcracking a front foot pull well in front of square that flies to the boundary. That was a serious shot.

1.18am BST01:18

2nd over: Australia 11-0 (Haynes 1, Healy 9) Holly Huddleston shares the new ball for the first time this series and she finds plenty of away swing to Healy bowling right-arm over the wicket. That swing is right into Healy’s arc though and she drives a wide half-volley sweetly to the cover fence, then flays a shorter wide delivery over gully for another boundary. That swing out of the hand then leads to a wide as Huddleston figures out the right line to such a confident batter. She does just that to end the over with three dots.

1.13am BST01:13

1st over: Australia 2-0 (Haynes 1, Healy 1) The left-handed Haynes is off the mark early, milking a single off her pads. Healy follows her on the scoreboard a little streakier, inside-edging down to fine-leg. Good start from Mair, excellent line and length bowling right-arm over the wicket.

1.10am BST01:10

The players are out in the middle. There’s a little cloud around Allan Border Field, which may help the swing bowlers early on.

Rosemary Mair is at the top of her mark, Rachael Haynes is on strike. Here we go…

at 1.10am BST

1.04am BST01:04

Annabel Sutherland – the 18-year-old opening bowler appearing in her debut series – is listed to bat a first drop today. That is a serious flex from the Australian selectors.

12.59am BST00:59

Australia, for so long symbolised by Meg Lanning and Ellyse Perry, will have to do without both as they seek one more win to tie the record for consecutive ODI victories.

12.56am BST00:56

Here’s a little something to pass the time from Tanya Aldred on Jason Gillespie, perhaps the most liked man in cricket in both Australia and England. Some feat.

David Hopps, who has reported on Yorkshire cricket for decades, cannot speak of him highly enough, “He brought a generosity of spirit to Yorkshire cricket, which is not always something it is famous for. He was an emollient you poured over Headingley, everyone loved him, when he walked through the gates he could make a Yorkshire fan who hadn’t smiled in five years beam with pleasure.”

12.54am BST00:54

New Zealand XI

One change also for New Zealand with Holly Huddleston replacing Lea Tahuhu.


NZ XI: Sophie Devine, Natalie Dodd, Amy Satterthwaite, Amelia Kerr Katey Martin, Maddy Green, Hayley Jensen, Katie Perkins, Hannah Rowe, Rosemary Mair, Holly Huddleston 🏏

🇦🇺 v 🇦🇺 ODI 3️⃣ LIVE on the Rova App & @skysportnz #CricketNation #Cricket #AUSvNZ

October 6, 2020

12.52am BST00:52

Australia XI

That injury to Lanning means Rachael Haynes will skipper Australia in their chase for history at Allan Border Field. Tahlia McGrath comes into the XI.

Australian Women’s Cricket Team 🏏

News from the toss: Tahlia McGrath comes in for Meg Lanning after the skipper suffered a low grade hamstring strain during the batting innings on Monday.

The White Ferns won the toss and have sent us in for a bat #AUSvNZ

October 6, 2020

12.45am BST00:45

New Zealand win the toss and elect to FIELD

In a change to the script from the first couple of matches in the series New Zealand called correctly and have decided to have a bowl. Let’s see if Australia can secure the record as front-runners.


Today’s ODI at Allan Border Field will be the third played on the same pitch. @holly_ferling has our conditions report #AUSvNZ

October 6, 2020

12.43am BST00:43

Stuie Neale

@JPHowcroft @collinsadam morning gents, cant see past Aussie girls getting the record

October 6, 2020

Agreed Stuie. The only slight concern might be Devine and Satterthwaite hitting form last time out. Both can go big when the mood takes them.

12.31am BST00:31


Hello everybody and welcome to live over-by-over coverage of the third and final one-day international of the series between Australia and New Zealand from Brisbane. Play gets underway at 10.10am local, 11.10am AEDT.

With Australia enjoying an unassailable 2-0 lead, and no serious questions over form or fitness to be answered, today is all about history. After 20 straight victories, one more for Australia’s women will draw them level with the record winning streak in ODI history, bringing them alongside Ricky Ponting’s formidable men’s outfit from earlier this century.

Despite major issues off-field, it has been a superb start to the summer for Australian cricket on it with the women’s team brushing off the absence of Ellyse Perry to dominate the White Ferns in 20-over and now 50-over cricket. Batters have made runs, bowlers have taken wickets, experienced campaigners have led, and the next generation have stepped up tot he plate. All that remains is one final record breaking full stop to cap it all off.

If you want to join in as we go through the day, you can get in touch via Twitter or email.

The closing theme to one of the greatest children’s TV programs, Record Breakers. If you’re ever feeling glum, YouTube some old episodes and let the wonderful Roy Castle guide you through a more innocent time.

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