When Will “Derry Girls” Season 3 Release? Cast, Story, and Everything We Know So Far!!

Derry Girls, as you all know is one of the most popular sitcom series that you will find on Netflix. Make sure to sit on a chair or on a bed as you are going to get excited when you will read the amazing news. 

All the fans and viewers will be happy as well as excited to know that the British Northern Irish sitcom series, Derry Girls will be returning soon bringing the third season with a bang on.

Yes, the long wait is over now as the Derry Girls series is all set to hit the streaming giant with Season 3. There are so many fans and critiques who have been waiting for any and every update for the release of Derry Girls Season 3. 

It is sure that you will so excited to realize that after two amazing and exciting seasons, Derry Girls will be back to entertain the viewers again with the next part of the series. You all should prepare yourselves to witness the interesting story plot of the upcoming season of Derry Girls.

But you will also need to prepare yourselves for the long wait that is going to come. It is because the filming and production of the Derry Girls Season 3 are rescheduled much later than the originally anticipated dates. 

You must know that the world is currently going through a global pandemic. So there is a large number of movies as well as TV shows that are rescheduling their production. Among them is the title name of this series. That is the reason why all the viewers and fans will have to wait for some more months in order to enjoy watching the next part of the series. 

If you have the wish to know everything about the upcoming season of Derry Girls. Then you are indeed in the right place searching for it. Because this article is all about providing the latest updates and news about the Derry Girls Season 3.

You are going to get to know about the official release dates, cast members, story plot, what you can expect from the upcoming season, and many more things. 

Here’s everything we know about the Derry Girls Season 3 so far. But you need to keep in mind that it will not be possible for any fans and viewers to watch the upcoming season before 2022 begins. Let us now move forward to know more about the Derry Girls Season 3 and its current progress status. 

“Derry Girls” Season 3 Latest Updates 

Derry Girls is a British comedy series that is based in Northern Ireland. Lisa McGee is the one to write this amazing and exciting sitcom series. Hat Trick Productions happens to be the studio producing the Derry Girls series.

The family-centered comedy series follows four teen girls in high school who happens to be getting all kinds of shenanigans. In case you have missed it, the story plot of the series happens to be so much interesting. So that you will not be able to take your eyes off of it.

The sitcom television series, Derry Girls did manage to successfully complete two seasons so far. It has such a humongous fanbase with millions of fans. They have been supporting and loving the series since the beginning. There is a large number of viewers who have been watching the Derry Girls series. Yes, they are from the first episode that did release on 4th January 2018. 

Of course, it is indeed an exciting piece of news for you to know. The candid coming-of-age sitcom series will be returning back on Netflix. That too with its third season on its way to release.

You all will be so happy when you may have heard about the official renewal of Derry Girls Season 3. The Northern Irish comedy series will be entertaining everyone again with excellent humor. Also, a comedy that will make you laugh your heart out.

Well, there will always be a little bad piece of news that comes along with good news. We are sure that all of you will get slightly disappointed. When you will know that the four talented girls and Wee English Fella will not be entertaining you on screen. That is for quite some time from now.

The filming, as well as the production of the show, has been at a halt for some months now. It is due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But the directors and series creators are making sure to begin the filming of the upcoming season again. That is as soon as everything gets back to normal. 

Erin actress Saoirse-Monica Jackson recently spill some words about the filming of the next part. She says, “We’ve been pushed [filming] now a couple of times, and I think we are going to push again.” 

She continues, “It’s really important to us that we keep the authenticity of the show and that we don’t deliver any show that’s in any way a limited version.  It’s important for us to shoot it at home [in Ireland].”

Tommy Tiernan, as you all know is a talented character. He is playing the character role of Erin’s long-suffering dad, Gerry. He did inform that the third season may possibly be the last season ever. It is sure that all the fans have been showing their care for the series. While hoping for the next season to not be the last season of the Derry Girls series.

Most series lovers have been arguing over their social media handles. Whether they are going to get Derry Girls Season 5 or they will have to say goodbye to the series. It is after the upcoming season that will release on Netflix. 

However, Lisa McGee who happens to be the writer of the Derry Girls series informs fans to not panic. All of you must know that Lisa McGee did write the Derry Girls series. It is based on some of her own childhood experiences. She calms the fans and viewers down by informing them that she is plotting for potential further installments.

So it will mean there are chances for the fans to watch the fifth season of the Derry Girls series. Lisa McGee also did suggest that it will be possible for the viewers to get some entertainment. That is from a Derry Girls Film that may make its way to the theatre.

But everything about the Derry Girls Film and Season 3 is uncertain currently. It is sure that you will have to wait for some more time. It is in order to get official release dates for Derry Girls Season 3. 

In the meantime, there is still a new season full of several exciting episodes that you can look forward to. The upcoming season will potentially provide a long-anticipated romance between Erin and James.

It will be possible for you to catch up on the previous season of the Derry Girls series. That is only if you have not watched it yet. There is a lot that you can do while you are waiting for the Derry Girls Season 3 to release on Netflix. 

The Derry Girls series is definitely classed as a Netflix Original. But you must have to know that it is in fact a Channel 4 production that did take place in the UK. The series did get the chance to take on the distribution internationally. But it is with the help of Netflix, the streaming giant. 

You must have definitely heard about the wide variety of shows that are making their way from Channel 4 to Netflix. It seems like, over the past few years, there are several TV shows that become the new addition to Netflix. The second season of the Derry Girls series happens to be available on Netflix. It is for all the interested viewers to watch without any interruptions. 

As of 2nd August 2019, most fans have been only discussing how exciting the second season of Derry Girls is. Although there are several loose ends that the fans and viewers have been left with. It is sure that everyone is craving for the loose ends to tie up. But it will be more likely for the next season to take up to a year of a time period. So that it will be available for streaming on Netflix. 

One thing is sure and that is whenever the third and upcoming season of the Derry Girls series will release. It will make you all realize that the wait was worth it. Yes, we have seen that the level of excitement and thrill was increasing. That is with each season passing by. When the first season of Derry Girls did arrive in 2018. All fans believe that it was full of excitement and entertainment.

While after the premiere of the second season in 2019, viewers were believing it. It was far more exciting than the previous season. So fans and viewers have every reason to hope that the upcoming season will be bringing a lot of excitement. Also, fun and thrill along with more entertainment than they may have witnessed before. It will be in the first and second season of Derry Girls. 

When Will “Derry Girls” Season 3 Be Available On TV?

The news was out in April 2020 about Channel 4 officially renewing the Derry Girls Season 3. It is sure that most fans were happy to know. They are going to watch the next part of the series as it was officially confirmed. Along with the official renewal from Channel 4, you all must have heard it. The filming and production of the upcoming season to begin from June 2020.

However, the filming and production of the next part of the series can not be able to begin in June. It was all due to the lockdown and social distance rules that were implemented in March 2020.

So the show production was to put on a halt. It is because of the Coronavirus pandemic from which the world is still struggling. One of the series stars, Nicola Coughlan informs everyone about the show filming rescheduled. 

It was in Angela Scanlon’s Thanks A Million podcast in June 2020. Nicola Coughlan says, “We were meant to start filming around now”.

She continued, “It was mad because when this all started, I think your brain makes assumptions to make you feel better, like ‘it’ll just be a month, it’ll be fine’.”

“But filming has been put on hold for now which sucks, and we’re all really excited to go back and start again and see the scripts because we actually haven’t,” Nicola added. 

You must know that filming can not be able to begin due to the COVID-19 threat. But as the old saying goes, everything happens for a good reason. There has been no cast or crew member that got some serious sickness due to Coronavirus. That happens to be the result of rescheduling the Season 3 filming for Derry Girls. 

Saoirse-Monica Jackson did manage to inform every fan and follower of the Derry Girls series. The Season 3 filming will continue its halt until it will be possible for cast members to reunite in Ireland. It is sure that when the filming and production of the series will begin again. There will be strict safety measures that the cast members and crew will have to follow on set. 

It will be essential for you to go onto Channel 4. If you have the wish to watch the first and second seasons of Derry Girls. Following the announcement of Netflix as of 14th July 2020. The arrival of the second season of Derry Girls is at a delay on their streaming platform.

Thus you will have to wait for the season to be available on the platform to enjoy watching it. Most fans know that Derry Girls is a full package of fun, excitement, thrill, and interesting story. So we recommend you to watch the Derry Girls series without fail to experience some moments of happiness, excitement, and entertainment. 

Has “Derry Girls” Season 3 Been Renewed?

Well, you will be joyful to know that the official status for the renewal of the Derry Girls series is renewed. Yes, it will now be possible for you to not wait for a long period of time to watch the Derry Girls series.

When you will know that the fate of the upcoming season is now up and running, it is sure that you will be fantasizing about what the next part of the series will be serving to its audience and viewers.

The Derry Girls series happens to have built a large number of viewers within a short amount of time. Within two years, there are millions of fans and viewers of the Derry Girls series who have been eagerly and actively waiting for the series to premiere.

Due to the show’s success on Channel 4 and how it grows popular on Netflix, the Derry Girls series was instantly confirmed for its renewal. The official announcement for the third season renewal was out when the second season was wrapped around in April 2019. 

It is sure that not only fans and viewers but also the cast and crew members were more than happy to hear about the renewal of the Derry Girls series. But you must be able to predict how much happier the showrunner and series creator will be when hearing about the instant approval for Derry Girls Season 3 renewal.

After hearing the good news, she says, “I love writing this show and I’m so thrilled to be able to continue the Derry Girls story, thank you Channel 4, Erin and the eejits live to fight another day!”

Will “Derry Girls” Season 3 Be The Last One?

There are still so many things that are uncertain about the future of the Derry Girls series. As we did mention earlier, Tommy Tiernan who happens to be Erin’s dad, Gerry in the Derry Girls series did reveal some shocking news.

He did manage to spill the shocking piece of news that he thinks that the third season will be the final season of the show. It was all out around March 2020 when the show was still set on its filming scheduled to start from June 2020.

As per the reports from Metro, on Jason Manford’s Absolute Radio show, Tommy says, “As far as I know this is the very last series.” Reading about it, most fans have gone crazy all over the social media platforms. They are discussing and more arguing that the upcoming season of the Derry Girls series. The hope that it can not be the last season. Fans were already sad to hear about it. But thanks to the writer and showrunner of the series.

Lisa McGee happens to be the showrunner and writer of Derry Girls. She quickly takes it over to her Twitter handle to inform every fan and viewer saying, “Please, Don’t Worry!!”.

According to her tweet, it seems like she wanted to set the record straight. As she was penning down the third season of Derry Girls. But she did assure all the fans to not worry about it. Because she is going to look forward to potential installments of the series. 

McGee tells fans that who knows what the future of the Derry Girls series may be holding up. But she is plotting the installments while hoping that there will be another season after the upcoming season to entertain the fans. She also did reveal that it was the time for the fans to know that the Sitcom Creator is contemplating a Derry Girls movie. 

You must know that when Lisa McGee was speaking on Ray D’Arcy’s RTE Radio 1 Show on 20th July 2020, she informs everyone out there that she did begin to think of many ideas that she is going to be including for a Derry Girls film. 

“For a while, I didn’t know if it would work but now an idea is starting to vaguely form in my head, so after series three I’ll think about that a bit more,” is what Lisa said.

She continues saying, “I’d like to do it and I think the cast would too so that would be the long-term plan.

“We should have been shooting it now but we obviously had to push back,” McGee added. But she also says, “We are waiting until it’s safe as there’s a lot of stuff to work out.”

About Derry Girls 

The coming-of-age sitcom series is indeed one of the most interesting series that you can find on Netflix to stream. You must know that the series is not only an interesting and exciting watch but also it will make sure to leave you craving for more.

There are so many viewers and fans who can assure you that the Derry Girls is not something that you should ignore. But it is one such sitcom series that all the series lovers must watch at least once. 

The series is revolving around four teenage girls from Derry along with one Wee English Fella in what we can assume the time around the 1990s. You will see the beauty of Northern Ireland during the Troubles in the previous seasons of the Derry Girls series. 

Lisa McGee who you may also know as a Being Human screenwriter did manage to make such a beautiful and amazing sitcom series that everyone loves to watch it. No matter how hard you will try to control yourself but it will not be possible for you to watch just a single episode of the series.

Instead, you will be watching several episodes of the Derry Girls series in a single day. It is because the series will create such a level of excitement that you can not resist to leave it up. 

You must know that the show follows four teen girls among which Erin, the 16-year-old teen lives in a world of armed police along with her eccentric family and friends. That walls also include some British Army checkpoints along with some Peace walls.

Just like some naughty teens, the gang of four girls is always making some mischievous plans. That will be much to the dismay of the parents of Erin along with the formidable sister Michael.

There are definitely some big and exciting moments that you can find on the Derry Girls series. You can find in the series that James, the English kid will be joining the gang of girls. While you will know that Claire is coming out of the storyline. That will surely be going to refresh your memories for the action-packed and poignant series finale. 

It is essential for you to know that both seasons of the Derry Girls series are amazing and in competition with one another in terms of excitement and thrill. The next part of the series will be all about the romance that is going to bloom between Erin and James.

While the latter will be leaving the Derry for good and that did end up well with a rousing speech from Bill Clinton. You need to know that Bill Clinton comes from a real-life character when he did visit the city in 1995. 

Who Will Be In The Cast?

One thing is sure and that is all the cast members who you all have witnessed in the previous seasons will definitely be back to entertain you once again in the third season of Derry Girls. The main leading cast of Derry Girls will be reprising their roles for the third and upcoming season. Here, we did mention the main star cast of the Derry Girls series who will be appearing in the next part of the series for sure. They are as follows:

Saoirse-Monica Jackson as Erin Quinn
Louisa Harland as Orla McCool
Nicola Coughlan as Clare Devlin
Jamie-Lee O’Donnell as Michelle Mallon
Dylan Llewellyn as James Maguire
Tara Lynne O’Neill as Ma/Mary
Kathy Kiera Clarke as Aunt Sarah
Siobhan McSweeney as Sister Michael
Tommy Tiernan as Da/Gerry
Ian McElhinney as Granda Joe
Kevin McAleer as Uncle Colm 
Leah O’Rourke as Jenny Joyce

Ardal O’Hanlon, as you all know him from his appearance in the second season as Mary’s cousin Eamonn may return in the third season of the Derry Girls series. But it is not yet certain to believe that he will be surely returning to entertain you all. 

Lisa McGee did manage to inform everyone saying that she will like to add Dara O’ Brian who happens to be another Irish Comedy Legend in the star cast of the Derry Girls Season 3. So you can definitely believe that the third season will be going to be an amazing and exciting watch that will provide the viewers with some unforgettable moments. 

When Will “Derry Girls” Season 3 Be On Netflix US?

Most fans and series lovers now believe that the British shows will not ever stick to their release schedule. But when we are talking about the Derry Girls series, you will be happy to know that the series is right on its schedule for its release by giving or taking a few months.

Generally, we all have been expecting the series to release around late 2020 or 2021. But having a look at the current status of the filming and production, it does not look like the series is going to be releasing anytime in 2021. 

According to reports, it is believable that the production of the Derry Girls series was originally going to start from June 2020 onwards. While if we look at the ProductionIntelligence updates, the Derry Girls series will be all set to start filming again after a long break in late 2021. But that will directly mean that either the fans are going to watch the Derry Girls Season 3 in late 2021 or early 2022.

However, we will be able to put our best bet that the Derry Girls Season 3 will be releasing on Netflix in the year 2022. So it will be quite some time for all the viewers and fans to wait for the release date and enjoy watching the third and upcoming season. 

Make sure to stay tuned with us to know all the latest updates about Derry Girls Season 3. 

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