5 Uplifting Moments in Latin Music This Week (June 13)

From career milestones and new music releases to major announcements and more, Billboard editors highlight the latest news buzz in Latin music every week. Here’s what happened in the Latin music world this week:

A message from Becky G:

The « They Ain’t Ready » singer took to social media to just check in on her fans earlier this week. The quick check-in comes after Becky G has been vocal on social media about her solidarity with the black lives movement and amid national outrage over systemic racism and police brutality. « I just wanted to check in on you guys and se how you’re all doing, » she starts the video. « And to tell you guys that I love you and I pray for you every single day for every single one of you and your families. I just want to remind you that you’re not alone. In regards to how I’m doing, I’m having a hard time. That’s my truth. I’m not great but it’s ok. »

Hozwal dedicates « Memory » to George Floyd: 

Latin trap artist Hozwal is remembering the victims of police brutality including George Floyd and other unarmed black citizens who have been killed at the hands of the police with his song « Memory. » Toward the end of the video, the freestyle song features artists like Farruko and Miky Woodz speaking out against racism. « With this song, I want to communicate that if we want to make a difference, we have to be different, » Hozwal said in a statement. « We cannot let hate consume us and we cannot stand for violence, but for peaceful protests. We have to send a message of unity and peace to be able to receive what we want to accomplish, a world where we’re all equal and not judged by our color or our actions. »

Guelo Star’s drops protest anthem « No Puedo Respirar (I Can’t Breathe) » 

Titled after George Floyd’s last words, « I can’t breathe, » the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter’s new protest anthem calls for unity, respect and peace. The impactful and powerful video features different people holding signs calling for tolerance and an end to racism and abuse. Watch the video below.

« Why I Protest » Series: 

Billboard kicked off the « Why I Protest » series featuring Latinx artists like Jessie Reyez, Lauren Jauregui, A.Chal and Amara La Negra who have shared with us why they stand in solidarity with the Black community and the importance of allyship. The featured artists have also been on the front lines joining thousands of protestors across the country demanding justice, an end to systemic racism and police accountability. « A lot of Latinx people have African blood; my grandfather was Black, I have family members that are Afro-Latinos, so this is also personal for me; however, I could be yellow and pink with not a drop of Black lineage but it wouldn’t matter because it’s a matter of injustice, it’s a matter of being tired of inequality and it’s a matter of human rights, and right now we have to fight for those that have been the most hurt by the system, » Reyez tells Billboard.

Tito Puente TV, film and musical projects on the horizon: 

In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Tito Puente Jr., son of Latin music icon Tito Puente, and renowned actor, director and producer Edward James Olmos shared details about multiple forthcoming projects, including a mini-series, documentary and album, to honor of Puente 20 years after his passing. Aside from sharing specifics of what fans can expect, Olmos and Tito Puente Jr. shared personal anecdotes about the late musician.

« We did a lot of things together throughout time, » Olmos shares with Billboard. « I had such a kick with him. With these projects, I want people to get the full range of who he was. He was no angel but he was a really authentic, really passionate, and vibrant human being who gave more than he received. Every person that has heard his music has been touched by it. It’s time we solidify it with an understanding of his life so that in turn, 100 years from now, people will know more of him.

Read the interview here.

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