Chet Porter Makes History With First Underwater Live Stream Set

The difference between the first Digital Mirage and this weekend’s event is astonishing. The production value from each DJ is the most notable difference, with over two months of streaming and experience in between, they’ve been able to create much more interesting scenes for viewers.

Chet Porter will no doubt go down as one of, if not the most legendary set from this weekend as he streamed his entire set from underwater. For 30 minutes, Chet played an epic set from under the water in a pool at an AirBnB they were rented.

His set was partially pre-recorded as he couldn’t rightly take a full pair of CDJs under the water, but he was still DJing live, amazingly. With a thin acrylic layer atop his triggers created by someone named Yazmin (“fishtank lady aka absolute legend,” as Chet referred to her in his special thanks), he was able to live cue transitions and tracks while he penned hilarious messaged from underwater.

While the set won’t be uploaded for a little while (and come on, it has to be), you can see a few clips and photos from the set below. Continue to watch Digital Mirage all day here!

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