Have Makers Revealed Sequel Release Date?

365 DNI, also known as 365 Days in English, is an erotic Polish film. It is directed by Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes. 365 Days was released in February this year in Poland and later it was premiered globally on Netflix. This film has a very phenomenal story and because of that, it gained global attention very soon.

In many countries, 365 DNI topped the list of the most-watched film on Netflix. Many people have compared this film with another erotic film series named 50 Shades Of Grey. However, this film has explored the erotic genre more thoroughly than the movie it has been compared to.

Now many fans have started speculating about the sequel of 365 DNI. It has been officially announced by the makers of this romantic film that there will be a sequel of 365 Days. Here are some of the latest developments that happened related to the sequel of this film that you should know.

Have Makers Revealed Release Date Of 365 DNI’s Sequel?

Recently speculation was doing rounds on the internet that the makers of this film have revealed the release date of the sequel. But this speculation was just a rumor. So far, unfortunately, we don’t have an official release date of 365 DNI’s sequel.

Although we know for sure that there will be a sequel to this erotic drama. 365 DNI is based on a trilogy by Blanka Lipinska of the same name. So as the first film was based on the first novel of that trilogy, the sequel of 365 DNI would be based on the second novel.

The production of this upcoming sequel can not get started because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. So once the normalcy would return only then the filming for 365 DNI’s sequel will start. It is expected that the sequel will not come out before 2021.

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