Release Date For New DC Epic Revealed!

The Batman all-new 2021 is very near and is going to happen for real. Here you will get all the updates regarding your favorite Batman 2021. No wonder that Wonder Woman and Aquaman rocked the theatres and they did amazingly well.

And also even before Snyder cuts Justice League we have got an amazing movie to watch Batman 2021. Also, we have got a piece of the amazing news that Robert Pattinson will be e the age Batman. So what are all the updates regarding this movie get them below?

The bad news regarding this is that no doubt the production house has been suspended to work on this project due to coronavirus pandemic. However, creators don’t want to upset their fans so they have pushed the date behind and officially set it to October 1st, 2021. But to be honest, one should just hope and not expect as there are chances that the release date might be delayed more. We will update you if that will happen.

The good thing for Batman fans is that for the character we have Robert Pattinson. After this got announced fans very happy and very overwhelmed to see him as the character. Also, there are some gossips that we will see Paul Dano as Carmine Falcon.

Jayme Lawson as Bella. Andy Serkis and Colin Farreo as Oswald oz. There may be more but it hasn’t been out yet so it is not confirmed. We will get you all more updates on this as soon as they will be out. Till then keep buzzing and keep coming back. We will be back pretty soon.

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