Superman: Will Bendis leave the publication shortly?

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In a recent interview with GamesRadar, the current screenwriter of Superman – Brian Michael Bendis – had alluded to an impending end to his run. However, when asked about Jetpack Comics’ microphones, Bendis reassured fans:

« It is so far away that even having a title is useless. You absolutely don’t have to worry about it today « .

The screenwriter then clarified his previous statement, which for completeness we report below:

« I am headed to the end of my run on Superman, and this has led me to take a more thoughtful attitude. I will never be grateful enough to have faced the pandemic together with Superman. Whatever is going on in this world, I can spend a few hours a day with Superman. This is a gift.

« Do you know what the world needs? More hope and less pandemic. Therefore nothing in my publications will remind you of that kind of sensation. What you noticed – during the lockdown period – is that you have made 8 screenplays in a row set completely outside. I didn’t do it on purpose, but then I realized it and it was fun. « 

In summary, Bendis is focused on ending his journey with Clark Kent, however we should not expect this to happen in the short term. Are you satisfied, so far, with his work on the character? Tell us below with a comment.

Brian M.Bendis’ Superman because it’s one of the best DC comics. In Superman Issue 18, the hour of truth finally arrives for Clark Kent.

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