Watch Kelly Clarkson Have an Honest Discussion About Race With Her Staff

Bianca, the show’s attorney, then said, « You know, I got a rude awakening at a very young age of, like, who I was and where I belonged based on something that was completely surface. » She later added, « We have the opportunity to look inside of ourselves and say, ‘Where is there violence in my heart? Where is there racism in my heart?' » 

For his part, wardrobe supervisor Earl asked, « How much more do we have to diminish ourselves for the safety of the feeling of safety from others? »

He was followed by Rubin, who is part of the show’s audience warm-up team. « One day, I’m gonna have to sit down with my sons, » he began. « I’m gonna have to tell them that people are going to sometimes treat you poorly simply because of the color of your skin. I don’t want to have that conversation with them. »

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