What Is Known About The Sequel? Will Michele Morrone And Anna Sieklucka Return?

356 Dni (365 Day in English), has been a surprise hit for Netflix, and with intimate scenes filled with desire and thrill, currently, this Polish movie is being most-watched on Netflix. The movie ends on a stage with “Laura Biel” (Anna Maria Sieklucka) being stuck in a tunnel leaving fans to think is she alive or dead, yet nothing is known about it as of now.

365 Dni is a polish novel Blanks Lipinska. The author has also written to more books in continuation of the same story which revolves around love affair and potential Stockholm syndrome relationship between Laura and Massimo (Michele Morrone).

Will It Have A Sequel?

Based on the novel titled ‘365 DNI’ by Blanks Lipinska, the movie is Adaptation of one of the three novels followed by Ten dzień and Kolejne 365 DNI.

In the first movie adaptation, Massimo gives Laura 365 Days to fall in love with him and she eventually falls in love with Massimo. But she then becomes one of most the primary targets of the Massimo’s rival Mafia who plans to kill her.

The first movie ends a huge cliffhanger where both of them decide that they will get Marry with Laura goes out to buy herself a wedding dress and never driving out of the tunnel. The thrilling end of the movie has left the audience with no clue whether she dead or alive, though if the makers follow the same storyline as the novel, she will be seen alive in the next installment of the franchise.

What Will Happen In 365 Days 2?

The second 365 Days book, Ten Dzein picks up from this point of the story and will go on with Massimo’s attempt tp recuse Laura and bringing her back to safety. The story might lead to the marriage of Massimo and Laura. Then the third part of the novel will be about how they both get married and then how Laura becomes pregnant.

Nothing has been decided yet, and it’s certainly not known what will happen next. The third book is called “Kolejne 365 DNI.”

365 DNI CAST:-

The movie 365 DNI has “Michele Morrone” as the super hot and Life’s new alpha male but very dangerous and scary Don Massimo. Anna Maria-Sieklucka’s character plays Laura (Massimo’s love interest) in the movie. And the other cast members include in this movie. Otar Saralidze as Domenico, Magdalena Lamparska as OlgaNatasza, and Urbanska as Anna.

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